The bag-race at a Vroman Reunion at Canadohta Lake in 1969. I can identify my brother Joe, and daughters Lisa (just next to Joe with the Peace Sign) and Nina (at the far left with the thumb). Other identifications are welcome.

From Randy Kennedy:

Uncle Joe was the Master of Ceremonies for the kids'games. He ran an individual sack hoprace first,and Jackie Vroman won it by a mile. We had all just hopped back to the starting area in our sacks,and I believe that's Yours Truly on the left, behind the girl in the white sweater (and I think it is Brian Vroman behind me). I could be behind Jackie, next to Lisa, just obscured in the photo. Anyway, the kids had just started doubling up for the next race, which put two kids in each sack for a three-legged race. Not all the participants had come back yet, and that's about half the kids in the picture. As you can see Jackie and Teddy are all gung-ho and ready to go. Uncle Joe paired Lisa and me together as a team, although I seem to recall that I had wanted to race with Brian. When Uncle Joe started the race, Jack and Ted took off like lightning--but soon tripped in their sack near the finish line. Lisa and I passed them--and we won the race.

We each got to pick a prize out of a bag of toys. I can't remember what I picked, but remember being very happy because it was the first thing I had ever won.

Added October 1, 2006: Mike Vroman thinks that may be him on the left, just behind the bent elbow (he thinks the elbow might belong to Crystal.)